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2023 Tokyo Summer Associate Program

2023 Tokyo Summer Associate Program - 1L Applications
We look for highly motivated individuals with significant personal achievements and a strong commitment to the practice of law in a global and diverse law firm. A successful candidate will be able to demonstrate evidence of our core competencies which include excellent judgment, client readiness, initiative and an entrepreneurial mindset. We are looking for those with the ability to work collaboratively in teams and have a fluent level of Japanese language skills.

Our Tokyo Summer Associate Program is tailored to give you an insight to what it is like to be an associate at White & Case. We provide real work with real deadlines for real clients. You will work in a team that interests you and work side by side with our lawyers. We want you to get to know our people and experience our Firm culture because these are the biggest indicators of what your full-time experience will be like. To learn more about which practice areas are available in Tokyo and each of our Asia-Pacific offices, please click here.
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